Abbey + Dave

SPECIAL NOTE: Q Studio has been so busy this season. When we are not responding to inquiries, we have been fulfilling orders, meeting with new clients, traveling, and most importantly enjoying life. I want to personally apologize for being so backed up on my blog.  I get so excited about every wedding I shoot and think, “I can’t wait for you guys to see it!” With this said, I will be posting twice a month until I am up to date. This way you are seeing my most current work. Now on to Abbey and Dave:)

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If I haven’t said it before, I have to say it now, Q STUDIO HAS THE BEST CLIENTS! I consistently get clients who think outside of the traditional wedding box. Abbey and Dave were the epitome of this rule. Their wedding was held at the St. George’s Botanical Gardens on St. Croix under a large Saman tree. Abbey and Dave’s guests formed a circle around the bride and groom and laid flowers around the couple to form a “circle of love”.  The ceremony included vows and poems read by select guests.

After the ceremony Abbey, Dave, and I toured the amazingly lush grounds of the gardens and took photos. It was almost Lord of the Rings-esque in the fullness of greenery surrounding us. The reception was held at the Crucian Classic Villa on the south shore, which was a drastic yet equally beautiful contrast to the Botanical Gardens. It felt like we had been transported to a savannah or wild grasslands. While enjoying the change in scenery, guests enjoyed an awesome vegetarian meal provided by chef Aaron Matlofsky of Ziggy’s.

Abbey and Dave planned a unique reception by holding a concert/jam session for the guests. Both Abbey and Dave come from very musical families where just about every member sings and/or plays one or more instruments. Abbey and Dave kicked things off with a duet, followed by many musical selections and tributes performed by friends and family.  While everyone enjoyed a private concert under the stars,  Abbey and Dave snuck off to enjoy their first dance. As the night moved on, the DJ kicked in and dancing commenced. Abbey stole the show by  performing an impromptu lip-synch and dance to Beyoncé’s End of Time. The day was truly spectacular and a break from the traditional. Cheers to more clients thinking outside of the box.


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