About Lynne

Q Studio’s Client Services Specialist

About Lynne:

Lynne brings over 20 years of business experience supporting small business owners in serving their clients. As Q Studio’s client services specialist, Lynne handles client inquiries from the beginning of the process right through delivery of final images and products. Lynne’s mixture of professionalism, knowledge and approachability helps ensure that Q Studio offers just the right personal touch when planning your wedding photography.

Why I Do What I Do:

While photography is not my profession, it is my hobby. I am the photographer in my extended family. I love to capture our history through photographs and tell a story through scrapbooking. I am passionate about helping people. I love to share thoughts, ideas, tips, tricks, and my experiences. I use these skills to help our couples pick the photography package that best fits their budget and personality. Weddings are such happy occasions. It is a joy to work with couples as they embark on their lives together.


Education: Degree in Communications from the University of California, Berkeley.

Family: Happily married for 20 years with two teenage sons.

Native of: Detroit, MI

Philosophy: I learn so much from watching others – it helps me keep an open mind and look at things from new and different perspectives.

Favorite Quote: People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest. ~ George Matthew Allen~