Caipirinha Mini Bundt Cakes!!!

All of my clients inspire me in some way or another. Usually these inspirations lend themselves to my baking and cooking aspirations. In this instance, Adriana and Ken’s wedding story inspired me to make a dessert that represented them and their wedding experience. Adriana is Brazilian, Ken is American, and their wedding was celebrated on St. Croix, so my thought…Caipirinha Mini Bundt Cakes. Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail and is a mixture of Cachaça rum, cane sugar, and lime juice. Bundt cakes are European in origin, but have been an American staple since the 1950’s. Finally, I had to put a Cruzan spin on this confection and nothing else would suffice besides St. Croix’s own Cruzan Rum.

When I began searching for a good recipe it was a challenge to find one that actually had rum in it. I had to mix and match a few items in an awesome rum cake recipe to make this cake work. How did I do it? I followed the rum cake recipe from The Brown Eyed Baker and added lime to the rum syrup. I also made a lime glaze to jazz it up and make the cake look even prettier.

The cake was extremely delicious, very moist, delightfully sweet, and had a great rum flavor that did not overpower the senses. It was fun to have a treat like this to share with my husband and a few of our good friends. Thank you Adriana and Ken for the great inspiration for this installment of Qui’s recipes!

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