Christine and Dave (part 1)

Christine and Dave met with me a year before their big day. We had a great time getting to know one another and discussing their (then) future wedding details. At that point they were in the research phase and trying to decide between two seasons for their wedding date.  Additionally, they were also trying to decide between two very different locations. They wanted to make sure the photos would be stunning, their guest would be comfortable, and finally the location would match their wedding vision.

In the end they decided on Carambola. They were in love with lush scenery and felt connected with the overall feel of the resort.

On  the day of the wedding, we were met with an unexpected monsoon. The entire island was covered by one thick, mean, stubborn cloud. As I made my way to the spa were Christine and her bride’s maids were getting ready, I was preparing myself for the possibility of an upset bride. Much to my surprise and relief, Christine was all smiles. She was really at ease and excited about her day despite the weather. I love clients like this! Everyone was buzzing around getting dressed, laughing, joking, and celebrating.

The sun did make a brief appearance during the ceremony (which had been moved to the bell tower).  After the group photos the sky began to grow dark once more. Christine, Dave, my assistant, and I ran to the beach to take bride and Groom photos. Although it was not the sunset backdrop Christine envisioned a year earlier, the sky was very dramatic! We were there for a mere 10 minutes before the sky opened up again and poured.

The rest of the night went on without a hitch. In the shelter of the Mahogany Room the celebration continued and a fabulous party ensued. It was here that Q Studio debuted our Photo Booth. The guest had an amazing time! All in all it was a great day.

I always say, “With every wedding comes an interesting story to tell.”

To be continued…




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