The Substance of Things Hoped For…

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a pair of sisters who where planning to pay tribute to their parents for their 40th wedding anniversary. Shivonne and Ebony’s parents were married at St. Patrick’s church in St. Croix’s town of Frederiksted. The church was the location and inspiration of our shoot. When Shivonne called me about doing the shoot I asked her if she had access to any of her parent’s original wedding photos. I wanted to incorporate a photo into the shoot somehow. When I begin preparing for a shoot I go through a series  of processes. After the equipment checks and technical prep, I think about what’s at the heart of each shoot and what my client’s intention was when they decided to plan a tribute, book a portrait session, get engaged, etc. There is always a good story, an important story.

Shivonne and Ebony’s tribute got me thinking. When you plan a wedding so much of your thoughts are consumed with the wedding day, the excitement of being married, starting your life with your partner, and maybe even a few thoughts about children. How many of us really give thought to our future grandchildren? Looking at the photo of Ebony’s daughter, Jasmine holding a photo from her grandparents wedding, the word faith came to mind. Exchanging vows and promises is like buying stock in the future. Shivonne and Ebony’s parents union and any union (for that matter) is a test of faith. Faith that one day you will be fortunate enough to actually see your legacy in the flesh. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs O!

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